June Activity Packet Week 3


Introducing June 2023 Activity Packet Week 3: Engaging 42-page collection of games, presentations, over 100 links to resources/ideas, as well as themed activities for elderly adults in senior care communities. Boost joy, connection, and mental stimulation.


Introducing the June 2023 Activity Packet Week 3 – a comprehensive collection of engaging and thoughtfully curated materials geared toward elderly adults residing in senior care communities. With 42 pages of stimulating activities, this packet aims to bring joy, connection, and intellectual stimulation to individuals in Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing and other Care Homes.

***The pdf should have all links included when downloaded.  After purchasing through Paypal click the “Return to Merchant” button, it should take you to the link to download the packet.  If you have any issues at all with downloading your packet, please email lovelaughandbingo@gmail.com .  


Key Features:

  1. Games and Puzzles: Immerse your residents in a world of entertainment with a wide range of interactive games that promote mental agility and social interaction.
  2. Trivia Game Presentations: Ignite curiosity and spark engaging conversations with captivating presentations highlighting significant moments from the past, enabling residents to reminisce and bond through play.
  3. Some Custom-Made Content : These activities and materials have been meticulously crafted by myself, ensuring quality and relevance to the unique interests and needs of elderly adults.
  4. Themed Activities: Discover over 100 links to additional resources curated from all over the internet of themed crafts, videos, trivia games, and virtual video tours, centered around national days. Expand the horizons of your residents and transport them to fascinating worlds.  I have meticulously organized these links and resources to not only save you valuable time but also elevate the overall quality and impact of your activity program

The June 2023 Activity Packet Week 3 is designed to enrich the lives of elderly adults, supporting their mental well-being, social connections, and overall enjoyment. Engage your residents with this dynamic collection of activities and provide them with a month of delightful experiences and engaging interactions.

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