The Butterfly Mom Project

Introducing The Butterfly Mom Project: Spreading Love and Encouragement

Dear Love Laugh and Bingo Community,

Today, we are excited to introduce you to a very special project that has been close to my heart and is an extension of the Love Laugh and Bingo LLC family – The Butterfly Mom Project.

While our usual focus revolves around supporting activity directors in senior living homes with resources and ideas, The Butterfly Mom Project carries a unique mission. It’s all about spreading love, encouragement, and support, but for a different audience—mothers who have experienced the unimaginable loss of a child.

The inspiration behind The Butterfly Mom Project is deeply personal. It all began in memory of my dear friend, Michelle, who graced our lives with her boundless love and kindness. Michelle’s sudden passing in 2017 left an indelible mark on us. She was only 31, with her entire life ahead of her, and her most precious trait was her love for others.

When Michelle left us, we knew that if she were here, she would tell us to take care of her mom. Her love for her family was limitless. We were determined to ensure that Mother’s Day remained a day of encouragement and love for her, rather than a day of dread and pain due to her loss.

And so, every year on Mother’s Day, we assemble gift boxes filled with love, hope, and thoughtful items for Michelle’s mom. It’s a tradition that has been incredibly healing for her and heartwarming for us.

In honor of Michelle’s enduring love for others, The Butterfly Mom Project was born. Our mission is simple yet powerful: to extend the love, encouragement, and warmth we shared with Michelle’s mother to other mothers who have experienced the loss of a child or have children who are missing.

While we have dreams of becoming a non-profit charity in the future, we’ve chosen to take the path of a charitable business venture under Love Laugh and Bingo LLC for now. This decision ensures that we can maintain the highest standards of integrity and make well-informed moves toward our long-term vision.

Each purchase of a gift box, pays for a box that will go to a special mother on Mother’s Day.

We want to be clear about one thing: we’re not here to ask for donations. We believe in offering something tangible in return for your support. When you purchase one of our themed gift boxes, you’re not only contributing to our mission but also receiving a beautiful product that you can cherish or share with a loved one. It’s our way of ensuring that every contribution makes a meaningful impact.

We also want to emphasize that we will NOT create or endorse any GoFundMe campaigns under our name. If you come across any such campaigns, they are not affiliated with us and may likely be scams. This is another step we’ve taken to prevent any potential misrepresentations or confusion.

We understand that Mother’s Day is an annual event, and our aim is to maximize our impact. As a small business, we’ve chosen to launch early to provide ample time for spreading love and support.

We invite you to explore The Butterfly Mom Project, learn more about our mission, and consider supporting this giving opportunity. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions, and stay tuned for updates and stories of the positive impact we aim to create.

Thank you for being a part of our journey to brighten the lives of mothers who need it most.

With love and gratitude,


Love Laugh and Bingo LLC

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