St. Patrick’s Day Fact or Fake Trivia Game

This is a fun and interactive trivia game I play with my seniors and they love it! They love to see if they can tell if I’m telling something true or made up. I love to see the surprise on their faces when they find out what is Fact and what is Fake.

How to play:

First download the free packet, link located below the picture. After downloading the packet, go ahead and make however many signs you need. I created the sign in such a way that you shouldn’t even have to cut it out, you can just fold it in half and secure it with tape. You can add a straw or popsicle stick to the middle for a handle. You can certainly glue those things for longevity or even laminate the signs, but if you are pressed for time (as I often am!) tape works great, even for the handle (just use strong tape & a lot!).

Now that your signs are ready, there are 3 ways you can play the game.

  1. Play as one big group – pass out a sign to everyone, explaining that after each statement they show the sign indicating if they believe the statement is FACT (true) or FAKE (false). You as the presenter just read each statement slowly and clearly, asking them is it Fact or Fake and allowing some think time if needed. After they have indicated their answers, you can reveal the answer. The answers are located on the last 2 pages with a description about each statement.
  2. Play as teams – You can split up the teams however you’d like, men vs. women, teams by hallway, staff vs. residents, etc. Give each team leader the worksheet (without the answers) and as a team they can decide if each statement is Fact or Fake, circling their answers. Then after everyone has had time to decide their answers, they can self check their sheets or they can turn them into the presenter. The presenter then reads the answers and descriptions to the whole group. Award a point for each correct answer, the team with the most correct answers wins. You can award with a prize of a Shamrock Shake, candy, or other desired prize.
  3. Independent Activity – This is the easiest of all the options! You won’t need to make the signs. Just print the question worksheets passing them out to their doors (or you can use them for 1 on 1 activities). Then you can post the answers on a common bulletin board or in the dining room. If you’d like, instead of passing them out to their rooms, you can put the packet on their dining tables as a conversation starter during dinner.

You can of course re-use the signs for other trivia activities. I hope your residents enjoy this game as much as mine do! I would love to hear how it goes in the comments!

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