Most Creative Activity Carts

Hello! I hope everyone is surviving Lockdown at their homes. It has been a truly crazy, crazy year. I can definitely say we have all learned to get a little …creative. With many of us unable to conduct group activities as we are used to, we have started a Creative Cart Revolution and I’m here for it! I do hope that if you haven’t joined this revolution, you will find inspiration here.

I’m so thankful to all the wonderful men and women that have shared their lovely creations with me for this post. There are truly a LOT of creative people out there, cheers to you! I won’t ramble on, without further ado, here are the Most Creative Activity Carts from around the Country!

Just wanted to highlight the sense of humor in the first Creative Cart, I thought it was so lighthearted and fun and exactly what we all need right now! The cookies are from and she does ship nationwide! This is not an ad, I’m not making any money on this post, I just wanted to highlight a small business and a great attitude during these crazy times!

Great way to bring a smile to everyone’s faces! Credit: Megan Hayes at Parkwood Place
I LOVE these two carts! And these are a favorite snack for my crew Credit: Rebecca Meadows
Very fitting, I must say! Credit: Cross Timbers Rehabilitation & Healthcare in Flower Mound, Texas
Copa Cabana Cart Credit: Kelli Louviere, Activity Diretor at Garden View Assisted Living in Louisiana
Birthday Cart! Credit: Rebecca Meadows
Spread Love Not Germs! Credit: Somerset Woods Rehab & Nursing Center Activities Department
I scream for Ice Cream! Credit: Cross Timbers Rehabilitation & Healthcare in Flower Mound, Texas
Easily THE most METAL Cart Ever! Credit: Tena Larsen
Can never get enough SMORES! Credit: Jessica Lindstrom at Bridgewater Assisted Living
P.S. She also suggested using chocolate pudding and marshmallow fluff for those who have difficulties eating 🙂
Who doesn’t love Margaritas! Credit: Kelli Louviere, Activity Director at Garden View Assisted Living in Louisiana
Go Team! Credit: Cross Timbers Rehabilitation & Healthcare in Flower Mound, Texas
Feeling Lucky? How about making a Casino Cart? Credit: Rebecca Meadows
This Creative Cart couldn’t get any easier, just some fresh fruits and veggies and you are good to go! Credit: Rebecca Meadows

Link to my Pinterest page where you can find even more ideas and helpful links

Please check back to this blog post in the next couple of days, I’m adding more, but wanted to go ahead and get these ideas/inspirations out to my fellow Activity Directors out there. If you have any amazing carts, I’ll definitely be doing a part 2 so please send them to my email at

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