Please know that I will be an Activity Assistant so hoping to be with this profession a few years as I too learn and enjoy being with seniors. I am trying to formulate my own list and keep the residents engaged as best as I can. I hope to be positive and determined. Meant to say that a work at a Senior Community living home.

    Any ideas from you are greatly appreciated. One day soon there will be a cure for dementia and Alzheimers disease.

    God Bless “+”


    • lovelaughandbingo

      Congrats on the most awesome job ever! You will begin to get ideas and formulate ways to bring joy to your seniors as you get to know them. A positive attitude is absolutely everything, just always remember they are doing the best they can with what they have left. Please look over my site and calendar for ideas, I’m working on a basic list of ideas for new activity workers and cart ideas so hang in there for me! Also, check out my list of free resources for Activity Directors, you will definitely enjoy those! Best of luck!

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