5 Free Resources for Activity Planners

As an Activity Coordinator, I definitely know how it is to work under a budget and as a former teacher, I know how it is to work with practically no budget too! So I’ve compiled a short list (I’m sure I’ll add to as I think of them) of some free resources that any Activity Coordinator or Director can use.


Website for drawing tutorials and printer friendly coloring sheets. The drawing tutorials in particular have been well received in my activities.


Why is YouTube great? You can find literally almost any kind of videos. There are simulated travel videos, my group loves these, you can travel to so many places right from your seat! You can look up funny cat video compilations or Bob Hope jokes compilations. The caveat is there are not a lot of full length movies or tv shows on the platform, rather pieces of those movies or shows, because of copyright laws. However, you can find tons of videos of compilations of Audrey Hepburn or Frank Sinatra or whoever their favorite person is. There are also so many senior work out and exercise videos.

3. Local Library

The local library is your friend! Most libraries offer movies to rent for free. I use them all the time, and it is great! It has cut down our entertainment budget by a lot. There are also lots of other resources like books on tape, listening centers, and some even have Mobile Book Buses that can come to your facility!

4. http://www.pinterest.com

If you don’t already have a Pinterest account, you are truly missing out! It is free to set up and very easy to manage. It is basically an online idea board for you to “pin” ideas you like. It works as a search engine so it’s really easy to use. If you are planning a Kentucky Derby Party, just simply type that in the search bar and you will be almost overwhelmed with all the ideas available to you. I have several boards on my Love Laugh and Bingo Pinterest page that I use every month when planning my events so feel free to check them out for some ideas!

5. Readers Digest Magazine or their website http://www.rd.com

I use the website for trivia material and just good stories to read over a coffee social or other themed event. Readers Digest also has a ton of family friendly jokes and funny short stories that my residents just love. They also have lots of health articles that I like to share at our monthly “Better Your Brain” talks. This is definitely a website you can get lost in, but it’s a winner through and through. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve needed to stall time because a speaker was late and used these jokes to lighten up the crowd. You will find countless uses for this website, no doubt.

Hope you enjoy these free resources and I hope it makes your planning a little easier! If you have any free resources that you use, please share and comment them down below!! I’d love to hear them!


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