Old Hollywood Themed Party

Our 90’s party has quickly become one of the favorite events of the year.  Each year we have a collective birthday party for all our residents aged 90 and above.  This has become a really special and exclusive sort of tradition for our residents.  It is a really special opportunity to honor them.

I really went all out this year with an Old Hollywood theme.  I chose this theme because this is a time period when most of them were in their teens to twenties.  That era was all about the glamour, I thought it would really make them feel special and important.

I have included all the printables and pictures so that you too can throw a glamorous Old Hollywood Party.

The Invitations

I created these using the PowerPoint program, I left the link as a powerpoint link so that you could edit it to suit your needs. Maybe you want to use this theme for a New Years Party, Valentine’s or other event.

I printed these on cardstock at our local Office Depot rather than use our own office ink.

The Decorations

The color theme – Red, Black, and Gold

We used large white round tablecloths with a square red topper. Each table had a centerpiece featuring a different old Hollywood star.

Centerpieces were made of materials we had on hand.  I picked some classic hollywood celebrities from that era and created a frame (linked below picture) to add to each table centerpiece.  Luckily, one of our residents was a floral decorator in her career and has donated a lot of her collection of faux flowers for parties.  However, if you don’t have access to faux flowers such as these, a simple vase of roses or even paper flowers would be just as lovely.

The Entertainment

For entertainment we had a piano player and singer volunteer their time to join us (not pictured for privacy). They played music from the 40s and 50s. To dress up the stage, I added a Hollywood sign and some stars. The black background is made from a couple cheap dollar store plastic table cloths. The Hollywood letters were made from bulletin board paper we have on hand and the stars are just cardstock/glitter.

The Hollywood “Wall of Fame”

I really wanted to do something to make my residents feel a little extra special. 90 plus is a really special milestone and I thought a really sweet way to showcase that was to add our “Wall of Fame”. I would have loved to place them on the floor like the Hollywood Walk of Fame, however because of tripping hazards we can’t place anything on the floor, hence the Wall of Fame. The families and the residents really loved it. They were able to take their Star with them after the party to use for decoration in their rooms. They really enjoyed this feature and it definitely warmed my heart to see them so excited about it.

This was a very special party for very special people, I hope it brings you some ideas and inspiration for your community.

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