5 Great Exercise DVDs for the Elderly

These are all resources that I use personally at our facility. I’ve gotten great feedback on these programs from the residents, so I thought I’d share!

If you see a program that would work for your group, simply click the photo for the link. All links are through Amazon, I almost exclusively use them when buying products for my facility because their return policy is so easy and quick just in case it doesn’t work out.

My residents love this workout because it shows both standing exercises and chair exercise options, so everyone can participate together. You do only 30 second bursts of activity followed by a short cool down.

My residents really like Mrs. Anne (the host). This is a 40 minute video, which sounds long, but it is a really great way to start the day. It includes a relaxation portion at the end of the yoga exercise. She explains everything really well and offers alternate moves in case there are any mobility issues, which is really nice. Big winner for my crew.

This is a great workout for beginners or those that have not attended exercise group in a while. All exercises are done either standing or sitting. There are three phases of exercise in this DVD, impact aerobics, gentle stretch training and a relaxing cool down. The first two phases are around 20 minutes each with the cool down being about 10 minutes. What I usually do is choose either the aerobics or stretch training for the day and follow with the cool down phase so our class is only around 30 minutes long in the mornings.

This program is a favorite among my more active and mobile group. These are pretty much just standing exercises (although I’m sure you could modify them for sitting) however I always place a chair in front of my residents just so the have something to reach out/hold on to in case they need it for stability or if they need a break. This program is broken up into a lot of smaller sections, but I always just play the full 35 minute session. This is a great DVD for my more advanced group.


Lastly, I wanted to link the Stronger Seniors Youtube page. These are not full videos, only between 3 and 7 minutes long, but they are free and if you want to experiment with your group before purchasing this is a great option.

Just to clarify, this is not a sponsored post or ad, these are just programs we use at our facility that I’ve had a lot of success with. If you have any programs your residents enjoy, please share!!

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