12 Perfect Gifts for the Elderly

Gifts they will not only use, but will enjoy!

*For your convenience, links to products can be found by clicking on the images*

1.  Joy For All Therapy Companion

This is a perfect gift for a loved one who is lonely or who had to give up a pet when they moved into a care facility.  We personally use these quite often at my facility and they are always a big hit with the residents.  They come in a variety of styles and colors.  They are on the expensive side (between $99 – $120) however for the responsiveness and quality, I do think it’s a fair price for what you are getting.

2. Tote Bag for Walker, Rollator or Scooter

These are super handy and very convenient.  I linked this particular bag because it is waterproof and attaches securely with clip fasteners, instead of velcro like most handmade ones are.   It’s easy to clean, has zippers and compartments for their phone, keys and even water bottles.  At just $15.99 you can’t find a better deal for something that will be used everyday and your loved one will think of you every time they use it.

3. LittBag Lighted Organizer Insert for Handbags and Purses

Along the same lines as the Walker Bag, this is a high quality organizer that can be used alone or placed inside a purse or handbag.  It has numerous compartments and LED lights to make it easy to find anything you may need.  ($42)

4. Memory Foam Neck Pillow

For loved ones that may be in a sitting or reclining position much of the day, this might give a little more support than a traditional pillow.  Please just check with your loved one’s care giver or nurse to make sure it’s okay for them to use.  At $10.96 the price can’t be beat.

5. Watercolor Painting Set

This is a very senior citizen friendly sets.  Of course you can choose an acrylic or oil painting set, however, I chose to link this watercolor paint set because they are very user friendly, non toxic, and it’s okay if it makes a mess as they are water soluble.  I use this exact set in my Activities program and for my own personal art regularly, so I can confidently recommend this kit.  ($12.99)

6. Books!

As many neurologists and researchers have said, one of the best things you can do to keep your brain sharp is READ!  It doesn’t matter what you read, as long as you are engaged in what you are reading.  Of course you can buy any book for your loved one, I chose to link this Random Facts book because I know how much my residents love trivia.  Also, it has colorful illustrations and there is not a storyline or plot to follow so it would be a really good choice for any loved ones with memory issues.  ($12.29)

7. Countertop Garden

This gift is a little pricey, however, I’ve seen great video reviews.  It’s super easy to use and takes all the guess work out of gardening.  There are different packages of seeds you can purchase, herbs, vegetables (salad), or flowers.  One lady bought the salad package and even made her own bowl of salad from it.  (the lowest I was able to find is $75.11 – linked below, but even $199 is a common price for this product.  Personally, I expect these to go on sale for the holidays or right after the holidays so if you don’t find a good price, maybe wait until a good sale or make it a group present and have several people go in together.)

8. Sound Machine

This is a great gift for anyone (I love mine in my office and I especially loved it in my classroom when I was teaching) but this would also be a really great gift for a loved one that experiences stress or confusion.  Calming sounds can have a very positive effect on their mood and well being.  This particular sound machine has 24 options and a timer.  ($18.99)

9. Reed or Oil Diffuser

Another great gift to promote positive moods and relaxation is a reed or oil diffuser.  I personally use an oil diffuser in my office, however there is some cleaning and maintenance involved.  If that maintenance is too much for them, a Reed Diffuser may be a better fit for you, they last a very long time.  Essential oils, particularly Lavender have been shown to promote calmness and improve sleep.  Linked below are 3 options, an Oil Diffuser – $19.99, a Ceramic Reed Diffuser – $12.99, a Ceramic Flower Diffuser – $16.99, and a Therapeutic Grade Bottle Reed Diffuser $27.97)

10. Willow Tree Angel

Always a big hit.  You can find the perfect Willow Tree Angel for literally every occasion.  Prices range on each piece, however I listed a variety below to give you some ideas.

11. Digital Picture Frame

A great idea to keep your loved ones company when you can’t be there.  I would highly suggest pre-loading the Electronic Picture Frame prior to giving it to your loved one.  Of course this would also be a great gift for any loved ones experiencing memory deficits as it will keep the faces of loved ones close by.  This is a really lovely gift that will be very much enjoyed.  ($59.99 there are cheaper options out there, however since I don’t own one, I wanted to make sure I recommended one with 5 star ratings.)

12. Puzzles or Crossword Puzzle Books

Always a great activity.  We have Puzzle Groups every Monday afternoon at my facility and they enjoy gossiping and working together.  Would be great as part of a care package type of gift or maybe a relaxation gift basket (a puzzle, sound machine, reed diffuser, and a neck pillow).  When choosing a puzzle for your loved one, consider their ability level, larger/fewer pieces for patients with physical or mental disabilities and smaller/more pieces for those that enjoy a challenge and stimulation.  I’ve linked several below, obviously there is a large price range here, but almost all are under $20 and many under $10.   I feel amount of pieces is most important in making your decision, so I’ve listed them from easiest to most challenging.

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